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Targeted Harassment: In Brief

What happens when a faculty member or department is the target of a coordinated attack? Initially, someone (frequently a student) who is offended. . . .

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One Hundred Job Ads from the Humanities Ecosystem

If academic job ads routinely ask for a wide range of skills, why does graduate school training often devalue the activities that would build these skills? What does a faculty member do—actually, fully? . . .

Common Good, Not Common Despair

We thought that institutions would be more likely to pay contingent faculty members a living wage, increase opportunities for advancement, and offer security if their rankings depend on their willingness to do so. . . .

The Sky Is Falling

I want to persuade you, therefore, to abandon any sense of complacency and to believe that we are facing at this moment—right now—a crisis in the humanities. Without action, we humanists, and the graduate and undergraduate students we care about and serve, stand to lose a great deal. . . .

Whether Wit or Wisdom: Resisting the Decline of the Humanities from Within

In narrating the life and death of a literature professor, Wit asks what literature—particularly the study of literature in college—might offer in life and in death. Susie’s question gestures broadly: What is the end, or purpose, of literature? What significance does literature offer readers’ lives? How might teaching enable or hinder that significance?….

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