ADE Bulletin

Due Date: 12-01-2019

Recognizing the crucial role that community colleges play in the changing landscape of higher education, and the successes that they have had in educating and supporting a diverse student body, the ADE Bulletin calls for papers on two-year and four-year college institutional relations. Papers may treat the need for and reciprocal benefits of developing closer relationships between English departments and divisions of humanities at two- and four-year colleges, as well as the multiple pathways for developing those relationships. They might also offer specific experiences, advice, and guidance to departments seeking to expand their commitment to the students they collectively serve, identify roadblocks for students looking to move from two- to four-year institutions, acknowledge successful (and not-so-successful) models for student progress, and recognize innovative partnerships at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Please send manuscripts (10–30 double-spaced pages) in Word by 1 December 2019 to