China-US Journal of Humanities

China-US Journal of Humanities, sponsored by the Center for American Studies at Southwest Jiaotong University and edited by the School of Foreign Languages at Southwest Jiaotong University in Southwest China, is published annually in November by Royal Collins Publishing Group ( This journal focuses on research and humanistic studies of communications and exchanges between China and the United States in all forms and at all levels and serves to build an academic platform for cross-cultural understanding and exchanges in the era of globalization.

Scope: We prefer research papers addressing topics listed below from the perspective of internationalization and cross-cultural thinking:

  • research on teaching systems, strategies, and models of foreign language education in the United States (Chinese as a second language included);
  • research on Sino-American cross-cultural cognition and communication misunderstanding;
  • comparative studies on higher education in China and the United States;
  • studies on American Chinese;
  • comparative studies on academic objective, paradigm, and methodology in China and the United States;
  • studies of discourse paradigm for Chinese and Americans in different fields;
  • comparative study of Chinese and American literature; and
  • research on spotlights and hot issues in such humanistic fields as politics, history, religion, philosophy, and economics developed from past and present Sino-American exchanges and communications.

Length of submission: 5,000–10,000 words.

Abstract: Submissions must include an abstract of about 200 words and five keywords.

Author bio: Submissions must include a brief author bio (about 200 words) at the end.

Submissions: Simultaneous or multiple submissions are not allowed. For more information about submission, please send inquiries to or