Ilha do Desterro: A Journal of English Language, Literatures in English

Due Date: 11-30-2021

We invite submissions to Ilha do Desterro’s special issue on comparative literature and culture within the context of the Americas.

Inspired by the theoretical production of Renata Wasserrman, this thematic issue focuses on the relation between literatures in English and the Brazilian and Spanish literatures within the context of the Americas. We also welcome articles that explore the relations between the cultural production of the anglophone world and that of the Americas, including audiovisual production, literary and cultural theory, and the ways that narratives have circulated in the Americas.

Submissions are due by 30 November 2021. Texts written in English should follow MLA style, and texts written in Portuguese should follow ABNT style.

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All submissions must comply with the journal’s new submission guidelines and rules, updated in April 2021 and published in April.