Journal of Feminist Scholarship

The Journal of Feminist Studies (JFS) is currently accepting submissions on any aspect of feminisms, feminist studies and activism, and visions of feminist justice.

The editors are especially interested in examining productive controversies and divergences between transnational, intergenerational, and intersectional contexts of feminism. JFS supports a variety feminist approaches to, and discussions of, feminist thought for the twenty-first century.  Submissions that focus on feminist pedagogies, activism, and creative formats are also welcome.

JFS began with a mission to explore the state of feminist scholarship at the turn of the new century, and the editors see this endeavor as part of a continued political project that asks, What are the directions of feminism today, and what relationships are sustained by feminist inquiry and action throughout history?

To submit your article, access the submission portal at  Please consult the “Policies” and “Journal Style Guide” pages for details.