L’Esprit Créateur: Replaying the Francophone Early Modern in the Twenty-First Century

Due Date: 06-01-2021

If the past is never really passed, then how is this contemporary moment remaking our understanding of the early modern francophone world (1500–1800)? This issue uses the concept of the “replay” as a way to examine the reframing, redescription, and reimagining of the past through performance (broadly conceived as performing arts, commemorative practices, reenactments, games, etc.). What are the limits of re-presentation through performance? What are some possibilities of resistance? Adopting a global perspective, we invite contributions from scholars and practitioners often separated by disciplinary, historical, or geographic boundaries, and whose work explicitly engages with theater history, theatricality, and current theoretical discussions concerning theater and performance studies.

Please send proposals of 300–400 words in English or French to Annelle Curulla ( and Michael Meere ( by 1 June 2021. Articles (max. 6,000 words including notes) are due 1 November 2021.