NANO: New American Notes Online

Due Date: 12-22-2022

An open-access interdisciplinary humanities journal, NANO: New American Notes Online welcomes brief articles (up to 5,000 words) for its first open issue. NANO is a multimedia peer-reviewed journal and welcomes articles that use multimedia to accentuate an idea, underscore the thesis, or serve as the central component of the article itself. Such multimedia may consist of images, film, sound, graphics, data sets, or digital humanities tools—among other possibilities. In general, NANO articles are thesis-driven and should be written to appeal to a nonspecialist, international audience; thus, jargon and insider/outsider perspectives should be avoided.

Possible fields of inquiry:

  • art (visual and performative)
  • literature
  • film
  • languages
  • philosophy
  • cultural studies
  • digital humanities
  • music
  • identity studies
  • race studies
  • gender studies
  • affect studies
  • immigration or migration studies
  • theory and practice
  • religion
  • class
  • economics
  • ideology
  • ethics

NANO is a multimodal journal and encourages submissions that include images, sound, video, data sets, or digital tools in support of a written argument. The multimodal components of the essay must be owned or licensed by the author, come from the public domain, or fall within reasonable fair use. See Stanford University Libraries’ Copyright and Fair Use site ( and the US Copyright Office’s fair use site ( for more information. NANO’s copyright and permissions information can be found here:

For questions about submissions, queries, video, audio, or image usage, please contact or The deadline for submissions is 22 December 2022.