Popular Communication: Bergman World: Global Perspectives on the Iconic Swedish Filmmaker’s Work

Due Date: 06-20-2019

The editors of Popular Communication are seeking scholarly essays from around the world that represent and reflect on the genuinely international response to Ingmar Bergman’s cinema over seven decades. Until now, the substantial amount of academic work devoted to the director in English or through translation has offered perspectives from Scandinavia, North America, Britain, and to some degree France. Yet since the 1950s Bergman has elicited substantial critical and scholarly interest, passionate viewership, and influence on filmmakers in the wider world, to a much more extensive degree than most—or perhaps even all—other European “art cinema” figures. Such longstanding interest belies oft-heard clichés and critiques of Bergman’s films insisting they are of interest only to privileged Western audiences. It is our intention to shine a light on the genuine, remarkably global nature of these films’ reception.  Abstracts are due 20 June. Completed essays of 4,000–7,000 words are due 15 August 2019 for an anticipated 2020 publication. For more information, visit