Special Issue of Revista 2i: Estudos de identidade e intermedialidade: Counterdiscourses of the Family: Undoing (the) Ties

Due Date: 01-15-2024

In this thematic issue of Journal 2i we explore the images and the discourses about the family that circulate in literature and cultural production. The articles in this volume will offer a broad vision of nonnormative families, past or present.

Possible topics to be explored in this issue include
●  representations of chosen families and of queer and nonmonogamous affective, support networks;
●  abolition of the family: anticapitalist collectives;
●  representations of interspecies relationships and of antihumanism;
●  migration narratives and the alternative or intergenerational living arrangements that can result from migration; and
●  cultural mappings of cohabitation in urban and rural spaces.

Submissions in Portuguese, Galician, English, French, or Spanish are accepted.
For more information, contact Ánxela Lema París (Universidade da Coruña) at or Danny Barreto (Colgate University) at or visit