The Digital Futures of Graduate Study in the Humanities

Due Date: 04-01-2020

What are the digital futures of graduate study in the humanities, and how are those futures enacted in degrees, programs, and institutional forms? The digital humanities has passed from its moment of insurgency to a phase of institutionalization and transformation, in an array of graduate-certificate programs, MA-level programs, and doctoral programs. But how is specific graduate-level work in these programs imagined, planned, and realized? How do programs vary across the diversity of national and institutional contexts? What are the available models and options, and what do we know about their outcomes for students and faculty members? How might we rework familiar models to address ongoing challenges to the humanities?

We are open to various forms of writing and will entertain proposals for long-form articles (6,000–8,000 words), short position papers (1,000–2,500 words), and revised essays expanded from blog posts. Please indicate what planned length your contribution will be.


CFP: 15 February 2020
Abstract due: 1 April
Accepted abstracts: 15 April
Essay submission deadline: 15 July
Peer-to-peer review: 23 July–15 August
Editors’ review of peer review and summary letter: 15 September
Revision due: 15 November

For a more detailed CFP and instructions on how to submit an abstract, please see