Towards the Digital History of the Other Silver Age Spain: Production, Storage, Use, and Dissemination

Due Date: 10-15-2020

Over the past decade, new technologies and critical approaches have had a significant impact on scholarly and popular understandings of Spanish culture and literature from the late nineteenth century through the Spanish Civil War. Comparative methods, cultural studies, and the location and analysis of works, authors, periodicals, and literary collections are areas of research that have led to the expansion of the Silver Age canon into what has been called La Otra Edad de Plata or the Other Silver Age Spain. This transformation has been possible thanks to the mass digitization and online cataloging of historical and literary collections, which in turn have given rise to a nearly infinite archive, a continuum of delocalized data that is currently an object of study by several research groups in the international arena.

Towards the Digital History of the Other Silver Age Spain is the culminating project of one such group, La Otra Edad de Plata: Proyección Cultural y Legado Digital. The editors seek contributions in English (preferred) or Spanish from any scholar who wishes to reflect on the impact of digitization on evolving understandings of the culture and literature of Spain from approximately 1875 to 1939.

For a complete project description and call for papers, see

Potential contributors should send a title and abstract of approximately 300–400 words in English or Spanish to Dolores Romero López ( and Jeffrey Zamostny ( by 15 October 2020. Initial acceptance decisions will be sent by 1 November and will be contingent upon approval of the complete chapter. Chapters in English (preferred) or Spanish of approximately 6,000–8,000 words will be due by 15 May 2021. The editors will oversee English-language translations of chapters submitted in Spanish.