Tradition and Experimentation in Irish Literature since Modernism

Due Date: 03-31-2023

HJEAS Books, New Series ( is soliciting proposals for articles for an edited volume to be published in 2025 as an open-access, peer-reviewed publication with print-on-demand copies.

Article proposals (ca. 300 words) should be sent to Katarzyna Ojrzyńska ( and Wit Pietrzak ( by 31 March 2023. Full articles should be submitted by 31 August 2023.

The topics of articles may include

  • realist and experimental modes in high modernism and onwards;
  • experimental literature today and a century ago: continuity and change;
  • revisions of the realist mode in contemporary Irish literatures;
  • ethics and aesthetics of realist or experimental literature;
  • the great masters’ (stifling/enabling) influences;
  • contemporary realisms (including magical realism);
  • voices from the margin (social, cultural, racial, etc.) and the conventions and aesthetics they have embraced or created;
  • cosmopolitanism vs. parochialism—openness and resistance to foreign trends;
  • Irish literature and globalization (e.g., realism and experimentation in literary responses to global traumas, literature and the new media, literature and migration, etc.); and
  • the aesthetics of nostalgia and futurity.

The full CFP is available on the website of the Scopus-indexed Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies: