From the Editor

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2013 issue of Profession in this electronic format. While some members will miss having a print copy of the journal, others will be glad to access the essays on their mobile devices for reading on the go. The decision to forgo paper reflects not only a concern for the environment but also a new vision for the journal. Now published on MLA Commons with updated content throughout the year, Profession will provide an arena for more topical, interactive, and innovative conversations about teaching, research, and higher education. I encourage you to explore the site, which is freely available and where MLA members can log in and comment.

As we close the era of publishing Profession in print, I wish to acknowledge the contributions of the managing editor for over twenty-five years, Carol Zuses. With a PhD in French and a depth of experience in MLA governance, Carol has served the profession at large with her intelligent work on this journal. If you’ve enjoyed Profession over the years, you should know that Carol, behind the scenes, has helped make each issue (nearly) perfect. As we move to a new editorial model (more on that in 2014), I extend my gratitude to all who have contributed to Profession’s success. I look forward to seeing how you will interact with Profession on MLA Commons.

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