American Antiquarian Society

AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY: The society (AAS), a national research library of American history, literature, and culture through 1876, annually awards short-term visiting academic research fellowships tenable for one to three months each year. AAS also offers long-term fellowships, intended for scholars beyond the doctorate, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The AAS-NEH fellowships provide four to twelve months of support for scholars in residence at the Society’s library in Worcester, MA. The stipend is $4,200 per month. The following short-term fellowships are available for scholars holding the PhD and for doctoral candidates engaged in dissertation research. Candidates holding a recognized terminal degree appropriate to the area of proposed research, such as the master’s degree in library science or MFA, are also eligible to apply. A single form is used to apply for short-term fellowships offered by the society in each of the categories below; application materials for all AAS fellowships are available from the society’s Web site ( The Kate B. and Hall J. Peterson Fellowships and the Legacy Fellowship are for research on any topic supported by the society’s collections; these awards are open to individuals engaged in scholarly research and writing, including doctoral candidates and foreign nationals. The Joyce Tracy Fellowship supports research on newspapers and magazines or for projects using these resources as primary documentation. The Stephen Botein Fellowships provide support for research in the history of the book in American culture. The Reese Fellowships support research in American bibliography and projects in the history of the book in American culture. AAS-Northeast Modern Language Association Fellowships are for research in the literary history of America and the Atlantic world in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that can be supported by the collections of the American Antiquarian Society. Doctoral candidates are not eligible, and NEMLA membership is required in order to take up the fellowship (but not to apply). AAS-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellowships are for research on projects related to the American eighteenth century. Degree candidates are not eligible. ASECS membership is required for taking up an award but not for making an application. AAS offers several short-term fellowships for scholars using graphic arts and other visual culture materials. The American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship is for research on American prints of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, or for projects using prints as primary documentation. The “Drawn to Art” Fellowshipsupports research on American art, visual culture, or other projects that will make substantial use of graphic materials as primary sources. The Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships also support research on American art, visual culture, or other projects that will make substantial use of graphic materials as primary sources. Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars (and non-US nationals) are eligible to apply for these graphic arts-related fellowships. The Barbara L. Packer Fellowship is for scholarly research and writing related to the Transcendentalists in general, and most especially to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Henry David Thoreau. The Lapides Fellowship in Pre-1865 Juvenile Literature and Ephemera supports research on printed and manuscript material produced in America through 1865 for or by children and youth. The Justin G. Schiller Fellowship supports research on the production, distribution, literary content, or historical context of American children’s books to 1876. The stipends for all short-term AAS fellowships are $1,850 per month, with fellowships available for one to three months. The application deadline for both the short-term fellowships and the AAS-NEH long-term fellowships is 15 January. Holding a fellowship is not a prerequisite for doing research at AAS. Interested scholars should visit the AAS Web site at Write or call the Director of Academic Programs, American Antiquarian Society, 185 Salisbury St., Worcester, MA 01609 (508 755-2158; fax: 508 754-9069).