American Psychoanalytic Association Fellowship Program

AMERICAN PSYCHOANALYTIC ASSOCIATION FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM: Seeking outstanding psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and academics at various levels of training who are curious about how the mind works, who consider psychoanalytic thinking important for the future of their professional disciplines, and who are likely to become, or already are, leaders in their fields. Applicants may be nominated by their department chairs or program directors. When not applicable, self-nominations are encouraged; and reapplications are permitted. Applicants must be training or working in the United States during the fellowship year. Nominees must have demonstrated leadership ability in their discipline; special aptitude in research, teaching, or clinical endeavors; and special interest in psychodynamics, psychoanalysis, or applied psychoanalysis. Applications must show how the nominee’s interest in the mind has developed and how that interest will be applied and influence others in the nominee’s field in the future. All applicants, whether or not they receive fellowships, are assigned mentors who are psychoanalysts and members of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Applicants meet regularly with their mentors and develop programs to further their clinical, scholarly, and research interests. All fellows have their expenses paid to attend the association’s biannual national meetings. Fellows are invited to attend the meetings’ scientific sessions and to present clinical and other material at a variety of workshops and seminars. Applications may be downloaded at Up-to-date information is available in mid-October. For other information about the fellowship program, contact Carolyn Gatto (