American Research Institute in Turkey

AMERICAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE IN TURKEY: Ten to twelve fellowships of $4,000 to $16,000 for research in Turkey during the academic year. Scholars and advanced graduate students engaged in research in Turkey on ancient, medieval, or modern times, in any field of the humanities and social sciences, are eligible. The deadline is 1 November; recipients will be notified in January. In addition, the institute cosponsors, with the NEH, fellowships for advanced research in Turkey. Four- to twelve-month fellowships in the humanities, carrying stipends that range from $16,800 to $50,400, are available to citizens or permanent residents of the US. The application deadline is 1 November. Also, fifteen scholarships to an intensive summer program in advanced Turkish language at Bogazici University. Graduate students at any level of Turkish language study are eligible to apply. The deadline is 1 February. Write or call the American Research Inst. in Turkey, 3260 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 (215 898-3474;;