Depictions of Gender and Sexuality in Popular/Public Culture

Due Date: 10-07-2022

Proposals for essays are sought for a volume that critically examines depictions of gender and sexuality in popular culture, specifically in the last decade or so (2010–present­). The editors are interested in essays that examine a growing diversity and evolution of expression of sexuality and gender in movies, television series, popular fiction, and the political stage. A wide range of voices and perspectives would be of particular value and would be welcomed.

  • Some possible questions to consider in the proposals and chapters include:
    In what ways do these depictions redefine or broaden the public’s perception of gender and sexuality?
  • Are these depictions groundbreaking, or do they recontextualize previous iterations of the public’s understanding of gender and sexuality?
  • In what ways have these depictions had a negative or positive impact on society in general or the political stage in particular?
  • What still needs to be said, portrayed, or represented in popular culture? When is representation alone not enough?

Submissions: Submit your proposal and short biography no later than 7 October 2022, to both and For more information, visit

Notification of acceptance: Ongoing, no later than 30 October 2022
Provisional deadline for essay draft submission (approximately 10,000–15,000 words): 5 May 2023