“Do This in Remembrance of Me”: Religion, Memory, and Art: A Special Issue of Religion and the Arts

Due Date: 06-01-2024

Religion and the Arts seeks innovative explorations of the relationships among memory, the arts of all kinds, and religion understood both traditionally and counterintuitively. Digital memory and creation, photography and videography, secularism reconceived through material culture, and new rituals for remembrance will be considered. Public and private, ordained and vernacular, means of memory are within this scope. We solicit articles and reviews comparative and particular; on Western and non-Western topics; and engaging various subjects such as gender, sexuality, collective/individual, institutional/innovative, and ritual.

Essays should be 5,000–10,000 words in length and must be submitted by 1 June 2024 for consideration. Please direct queries to Frederick RodenReligion and the Arts follows MLA style. Authors should send any image files in color or black and white as 300 dpi for photography and 600 for linework at the size the images are to be reproduced. Authors must arrange for world rights and are responsible for the costs (the print run is 250). For further information on Religion and the Arts, consult the journal’s website or email