Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

Launching in 2022, Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, a journal published by Liverpool University Press on behalf of the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies (, will feature pioneering essays of transnational, comparative, transimperial, transpacific, and transatlantic significance while also serving as a venue to debate these terms and their corresponding methodologies and epistemologies. As a new journal, we now invite submissions of standard research articles (c. 9,000 words) from a wide variety of disciplines as well as shorter contributions to one of several standing sections. Investigating material culture forms, visual and literary texts, ideas, and sentient beings that transcend national boundaries, essays in global nineteenth-century studies are asked to engage critically with mobility and migration, imperialism and colonialism, and production and distribution, as well as travel, technologies, and varieties of exchange. The editorial team welcomes submissions along these lines at For more information, visit