Margaret Cavendish: A Multidisciplinary Journal

The International Margaret Cavendish Society is very excited to announce the launch of Margaret Cavendish: A Multidisciplinary Journal.

The journal is hosted by the University of Queensland and affiliated with the International Margaret Cavendish Society

The journal invites articles and reviews from all academic disciplines about Margaret Cavendish and her contemporaries, including the Cavendish family and their intellectual circle. It also welcomes work about early modern women writers and explores the wider culture in which Cavendish’s intellectual accomplishments flourished as well as later writers who may have been influenced by her. The journal is now open to submissions from all disciplines, including history of science, women and gender studies, literature, philosophy, history, politics, theology, education, feminist and queer theory, and digital humanities.

The journal is now open for submissions. For more information, visit the journal’s web page.