Multidisciplinary Collection on Transraciality

Due Date: 06-30-2022

In 2015, the case of Rachel Doležal sparked a heated debate about transraciality and helped to establish an academic examination of the subject. The scholarly consideration of transraciality is in its formative stages and this edited collection is an effort to expand and develop the existing discussion. The first of its kind, this volume will include interdisciplinary contributions from scholars who bring a wide range of perspectives and approaches to the subject. We are interested in chapters that help us, as an academic community, better understand transraciality as a concept or practice.

We welcome submissions from scholars working in a wide range of disciplines and seek submissions on any topic that will help broaden the theorization of transraciality, such as the intersection of transracial identification and class or gender; the effects transracial identification might have on BIPOC identities or political efforts; how historical understandings or practices of race change can inform our contemporary perception of transracial identity; and how concepts of race or ethnicity might change with increased understanding or acceptance of transracial identification.

We are in dialogue with a leading university press, to which we will submit a proposal in August 2022. Assuming a contract is secured, completed chapters of 6,000–8,000 words will be due by 30 June 2023. All submissions will be subject to peer review before publication.

Submission Instructions: To propose a chapter, prepare an abstract of 300–500 words written for a general academic audience. Please include (where applicable) your title, program and department, affiliation, and a working chapter title. Submit your abstract by 30 June 2022 as an attached Word document to both editors: Rebecca Tuvel ( and Molly McKibbin ( Decisions will be made and authors informed by 15 July 2022.