Teaching Nabokov’s Lolita in the #MeToo Era

Due Date: 06-18-2019

This volume seeks essays that explore the experience of teaching Lolita in the #MeToo era. The editor hopes to bring together responses to Nabokov’s art that blend pedagogy and critical analysis. After teaching the novel for years, many of us have witnessed (and continue to witness) a fascinating shift in student responses to the text following the start of the #MeToo movement. Some of us rethought the methodology of presenting Lolita to students and of navigating productive class discussions. The editor sees this volume as a space to start a conversation about the evolving nature of the intellectual (and emotional) task of bringing Lolita to students and to share faculty insights and best practices. Please send a 350-word abstract and a CV to Elena Rakhimova-Sommersa ( by 18 June 2019.