The Global South: “The Global South and/in the Plantationocene”

Due Date: 08-21-2020

This special issue of The Global South examines the productive tensions created by the operative phrase “and/in” when thinking, writing, and living through climate change from the perspective of the global south and/in the plantationocene. Possible topics include

  • theoretical and hermeneutical discussions of the plantation or the plantationocene;
  • examinations of the effects and the rise of natural disasters in the global south through the lens of the plantationocene;
  • feminist, queer, decolonial, and critical race studies–based resistances to the legacies, structures, hierarchies, and effects of the plantationocene;
  • Afro-, Arab, Asian, and Latinx futurisms in film, literature, and visual art that intersect with or document the (potential) effects of the plantationocene;
  • analyses of the plantationocene, its legacies, its imaginaries, and its contemporary neo-isms (such as border factories, globalized trade, nongovernment organization assistance programs, privatized detention and incarceration, and plantation tourism) as these relate to the global south;
  • empire, refugee, and military studies discussions of plantationocene construction or deconstruction/resistance;
  • the global south plantationocene and/in the global north;
  • interdisciplinary and comparative analyses of the plantationocene;
  • architectural legacies of monoculture crops and their profits;
  • ecological, animal studies, disability, medical studies, and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies approaches to this topic; and
  • investigations of the erasures of indigenous peoples through the plantationocene.

This issue is slated for publication in spring 2023, so contributors will have a calendar year to draft their complete 7,000–10,000-word essays. Please send abstracts of up to 500 words (in MLA style) and a 100-word biographical statement to Isadora Wagner ( and Natalie Aikens ( by 21 August 2020. For further details, see